We left Vancouver the previous day. Even the scenery during the first few hours after leaving port was beautiful but nothing could have prepared me for what the day would hold.

I woke up at 05h00 to sit out on the balcony to read and drink my coffee while I watched the sun come up. It was absolutely gorgeous. The pictures do not do it justice. Everything was a beautiful palette of soft blues and greys. I don’t know with precision where any of these pictures were taken other than to say that they were taken from someplace between Gibson and Prince Rupert. It was my birthday and I could have sat there forever.

I was thrilled beyond belief when a humpback whale surfaced a short distance from where I was sitting. It was amazing. I scrambled to get my camera to take pictures. The whale did not breech but I was able to get several amazing shots as it gently blew, surfaced and dove for about 10 minutes. It was enough to bring me to tears.

The approaches to Prince Rupert were also amazing. Again, there was an amazing blue tinge to everything. It was so calming and tranquil with a dampening fog hanging to the curvatures of the land. It was very emotional and I understand why the Haida Gwaii hold this area as spiritually important. It is an incredibly beautiful part of my beloved Canada and I can’t wait to go back to visit it from landslide in the future.

By the end of the day, I was in awe of the landscapes that lay before me. Even the sunset was achingly beautiful. I went to bed completely content, knowing that this birthday was special and unique. I will never again see these sites from the perspective I had this day and I realize that my good fortune, which deeply appreciated, is probably not fully deserved.

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