Fitzroy Provincial Park Beaver Dam and Lodge

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5 Replies to “Fitzroy Provincial Park Beaver Dam and Lodge”

  1. I was at fitzroy park today, tried to find this area but was unable to. Can you tell me where it’s located please. Thanks. Beautiful pics 🙂

  2. It is not on the trail system at all. We started on the trail that runs along the Carp River at the bridge (on the same side of the river as the store). At some point, we left the trail to follow the river and bush-bashed beyond the park boundaries to where the Carp and the Ottawa Rivers meet. It is about 100 metres from the banks of the Carp River and is hard to see. The best ‘signpost’ would be to watch for their harvesting area with the tree stumps sharpened like pencils along the river and then you would know you are in the general vicinity. (It is so well hidden I am not sure I could find it again myself!)

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